First Post and a quiz :-)

This is my first attempt at a blog here, and I am hoping it will prove to be an easy to use service, unlike some I have attempted :-S.

I just love yarn and fabrics, though I am more involved in yarnie things at present, mostly in relation to knitting and crochet.I recently came across this fibre quiz, so I am going to try to post it here:

1. Do you raise fiber, animals or plant, or are a fiber user only? If you raise animals/plants…what do you raise?

Sorry, none at present – I am a user, not a producer

2. What’s your favorite fiber & why? Which fiber do you like the least & why

I love wool, especially Merino, it’s so soft but also very hard wearing

My least favourite fibres are Mohair and Angora: their tiny wafting filaments get in my eyes and nose and mouth and drive me crazy!

3. What’s your worst habit relating to your fiber?

What else: I buy far too much and then I can’t find it when I want it, like now!  But I am knitting from stash, with certain reservations, this year 🙂

4. In what ways does your fiber habit make you a better person?

It makes me happier, and if I’m happier, I’m nicer to be around

5. How would your life be different if you had to give up fiber?

I’d  be very sad, Gabe.

6. What tools, yarns, books or gadgets can’t you live without?

My knitting needles and crochet hooks

7. What was your first fiber project?

Oh, the first thing I remember knitting was baby booties: I don’t think I finished them , but I worked on them.  The first thing I finished was a cowl from a Princess girl’s magazine in the1960’s

8. Do you have any fiber mentors? Who are they and why?

Not now, but my Mum and my Granny taught me to knit, and my Auntie taught me to crochet.  I am so grateful to all of them!

9. Are you a member of any guilds? If so, which one(s)?

None sorry

10. What’s the most exciting fiber project you’ve undertaken?

Hard to say: I get excited about each new project 🙂

11. How many people have you mentored? In which fiber arts?

I have taught both my D’s to knit, one of them can also crochet, and I am person of call to my only local friend who loves fibre crafts as much or more than i do.

12. Do you consider fiber crafts to be functional or artistic?

Both really

13. What, mainly, do you make? Do you keep, or give away, most of your projects?

Mostly small projects: cloths, hats, mittens, scarves, occasionally socks, coaster sets etc

14. Are fiber crafts an avocation or vocation for you?

An avocation

15. How many people are you committed to being a mentor for in 2010?

Just the ones listed above 🙂